References Sailing Events' Clients

There are many references posted on our Dutch website. We translated a few of them, see below some of the references of our clients.

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Client relationship event with 100 guests Race yachts, Seaplane and Extreme RIBs

It was quite a challenge to organise something new and exciting for our customers. I contacted Sailing events, and with their great empathy we developed a fantastic event. First a trip on the seaplane; start, restart and landing on the IJsselmeer with the Catalina. Unique in Europe as the Catalina is the only seaplane which is allowed to carry passengers onboard. Anyway, it was a bit of a puzzle, but the combination of RIBs, sailing on race yachts and the Catalina was outstanding! Also the catering was perfectly organised. A TOP event which left many of our customers with a memorable experience. Thank you!

- Frank Vianen, Infonet Netherlands.

International team event - Sailing event with 380 people, 19 yachts

With Sailing events anything is possible! Also a sailing program for 380 people with 19 boats (both Racing Yachts as well as dutch boats (Lemmer Aachen)). Such a big event requires not only a network of experienced skippers, but also professionalismand expertise. Both for the preparation prior to the event as well as on the day itself. With great enthusiasm they accepted the challenge and did everything to make this event a great success. They have delivered the European employees of LeasePlan and LeasePlan Netherlands a memorable day. Again thanks a lot and we hope to come back another time!

- Bibian van Drie, Promissio for LeasePlan Netherlands

Sail, Fly

A beautiful terrace on the water in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel was the start of the weekend with an extensive walking dinner. During dinner, we surprised the guests with a musical serenade. By classical ship, we left for a luxury waterfront hotel in Amsterdam. The next morning we boarded on five racing yachts for an exciting sailing regatta to Enkhuizen. The winning team was presented a serenade by an accordionist and a typical Dutch alcoholic drink (Muier schipper Bitter).

The next day, the guests enjoyed a sunny afternoon aboard the rhetorician, a tall ship. Sailing Events took all guests on a seaplane from the tall ship. A RIB (high speed boat) brought the guests at high speed to the aircraft for a flight over the lake and surrounding area. Obviously it did not lack the spectacular water landing! The guests found a fully catered, relaxing weekend in which they had no worries about their luggage or car. All logistics were in good hands.

- Barbara Laros, Artifex